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BioUnique Bioenergetic Testing

Our comprehensive bio-energetic scan allows you to understand your body and mind on a deeper level.

Through innovative testing techniques we can identify stresses in the body and work towards achieving optimal health and wellness.  This non-invasive scan is all done through saliva and hair or nail clippings that you mail in to the lab for analysis.

Each hair and saliva analysis tests for:

  • Cellular stress on 14 internal organs and systems
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Nutritional Deficiencies
  • 600 food and environmental sensitivities
  • Toxins (bacteria, mold, chemicals, viruses, metals, parasites)

"I've spent about $1500.00 at a functional medicine doctor to have testing done and I didn't get very good results.  I was blown away that the BioUnique test was a fraction of the cost and it found the root of my problems AND set up a protocol on how to help me get better!  I wish I had found this test earlier."

- Samantha B

My doctors told me my symptoms were "all in the head" and wanted to put me on anxiety meds. I felt defeated until I heard about BioUnique and it found hormone imbalances and a parasite causing my problems! I knew it wasn't all in my head!

- Janel S

Food Sensitivities + Nutritional Deficiencies

Food sensitivities are very common but also commonly undervalued. We test your sample against 600 different foods so you can be sure you are eating what is right for your body. Nutritional Deficiency Due to our standard american diet many people are deficient in the primary nutrients needed to fuel our bodies. This test can determine which nutrients you need.
Hormone Imbalance

Hormone Imbalance

Hormone imbalances can cause a variety of symptoms. With properly balanced hormones we are able to age gracefully with less symptoms.
Toxic Load

Toxic Load

What if you are harboring an unknown toxin or parasite within your body that is causing stress or inflammation within your body? Many people are carriers for such things and don't even know it!

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About BioUnique

About BioUnique

How did we get here?

We have been caring for patients for seven years at our chiropractic office. Time and time again we suspected food sensitivities or environmental allergies but the cost of these tests were out of reach for most of the people that needed them.

That all changed when we found BioUnique.

This test has changed so many of our patients lives that we wanted to make it available to everyone, whether they were a patient or not. We want everyone to be able to unlock the secrets to why their body isn't at it's best. 


How does the test work?

You will collect about 30 strands of hair (1 tsp) or 10 nail clippings and swab the inside of your cheek. Everything you need is included in the test kit and you just drop it in the mail.

Do I have to be a patient or live in N.C.?
No! We can mail you the kit and contact you once the report is in. We email you the report and schedule a phone consultation to go over the results.
How long does it take to get the results?
It takes about 3 weeks once the lab receives your kit in the mail
What does BioUnique test for?

A. Hormonal Imbalances
B. Cellular stress on 14 organs and systems
C. Nutritional Deficiencies
D. 600 Food and Environmental sensitivities
E. Toxins (bacteria, mold, viruses, chemicals, parasites and metals)

How do I know if this test is for me?
This test is perfect for those who are dealing with:
  • Stubborn health issues
  • Complicated and often changing symptoms
  • Stubborn weight loss
  • Curious is there is an unsuspecting organism present
  • Suspecting a hormone imbalance
  • Food Sensitivities – but not sure which one
  • Significant emotional or behavioral issue
  • Any chronic health concern
Should I be retested?
After the first results you will begin the supplements and changes recommended. After about three months we do recommend taking the test again to see how your body is repairing itself, but that is completely up to the individual.

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