If it's not Food, Don't Eat it!

If you want to feel better, eliminating low-quality, chemical-laden processed foods can yield quick results. These widely consumed foods lead to poor nutrition and can be the cause of many chronic symptoms and diseases. Below are five guidelines that can keep your diet on track, and will lead to improved health:

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Chiropractic Care: The Magic Pill for Health

What if I told you that there was a magic pill that you could take once per week and it could help you live a healthy life, a life with less aches and pains, less headaches, more endurance and vitality? This pill could keep your body functioning at a higher more optimum level, help you manage stress better and could potentially help prevent many different age related illnesses.

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De-Stressing the Holidays

A poll by the American Psychological Association has found that during the holidays 69% of people are stressed by a “lack of time”, 69% are stressed by a “lack of money” and 51% are stressed over the “pressure to give or get gifts”. That’s a lot of stress for what should be the most joyous time of year.

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Flu Shot Awareness

Typically anticipated to start in the fall months and peak in January or February, the “flu season” is always accompanied by signs in pharmacies and doctors’ offices promoting the vaccine. Your local pharmacy’s automated answering service may start with a recording letting you know that they’re offering the flu shot today – no appointment necessary. It may also include an announcement that by taking advantage of their services you will be giving a “life-saving vaccine to a child in a developing country” through the U.N.’s Shot@Life program. All of this for just $31.99. What a deal! Or is it?

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Suffer From Work Related Back Pain?

With so many employees spending countless hours at their desk in front of a computer, it’s no surprise that many people experience back pain at work. Today’s office workers have back pain from poor posture, sitting too long and bad ergonomics. With these tips, you can adjust your office environment and your habits to ensure that you remain pain free at work.

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